Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curb & Gutter and Pavement Removal

The contractor has developed a revised pavement removal and replacement strategy which will proceed with the removal of all existing concrete curb on both sides of the street. This operation should be starting today. As the curb is removed, stone will be installed at driveway locations to provide access to each property. The contractor plans to place all new concrete curb (except for multiple user entrances like the park district, which will be split phased) on the entire street in one day. Concrete driveway aprons and concrete sidewalk may be installed the same day as the new curb. New concrete needs 72 hours to cure, so access over the new curb will not be available during that time. Residents will be asked to arrange for alternative parking locations during the access interruption. On street parking is available overnight, but not during the construction hours of 7 AM to 5:30 PM.

Pavement removal will follow after the new curb installation. This step will include the excavation of remaining existing pavement and subbase to the proposed subgrade level and installation of stone bedding including ramps to driveways starting from Dewes Street and proceeding north to the intersection at Lehigh. The pavement removal may also include pavement grinding which is noisy and generates dust.